Coping with Hard Times

Across the whole world, people are finding that times are hard.

Economic mismanagement by bankers and politicians have put us all into an economic recession, where jobs and money are in short supply.

This wiki will gather together 1001 tips and tricks for living on a low budget.

Many of the suggestions have come from a community of people who have CHOSEN to live simply, out of concern for the planet (high living has a bigger impact on our environment) or out of disgust at the crass materialism of consumerism.

Many visitors have sadly been forced into this position through unemployment redundancy and retirement.

Losing a job is never easy.

  • we lose income
  • we lose structure to our time
  • we lose contact with other people
  • we may feel insecure, depressed and angry
  • we may (wrongly) feel ashamed at being unemployed

The alternative is that we may find that there is an upside to living on a low budget. We may feel more creative, self-reliant, and discover that there is a way of living contented lives without being completely reliant on a monetary economy that is, when all is said and done, completely mad.

There are two main themes on this site;
1 living on a low income
2 Coping with poverty through
- community collaboration
- creativity
- campaigning

Whatever your interest, we hope that this site will prove useful for you, and that you will add your own twopenny worth of wisdom and advice, because this site is work-in-progress, not the finished article.

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