Saving On Transport

Doing Without The Car

Fuel and maintenance costs for a car are horrific.
Doing without the car is possible, gets you fit, is more social, and better for the environment.

Walking gets you fit, you see more and you can interact with friends and neighbours.

You can use your own car and other's cars in a Carshare Scheme. Details can be found by googling, or searching your local authority website.

Use buses. If you are over 60, get a bus pass that lets you travel FREE. Coach travel is cheaper than train, is more environmentally friendly, and you can get concessionary tickets for over-60's and families.


Cycling is quicker than walking, obviously, gets you fit, helps you to lose weight, and gives you more energy.

Most people have a bike in the shed. The main problem is that people are frightened of traffic. Good Local Authorities have schemes to get people started and to build up confidence. You can build confidence yourself by starting with short journeys when the roads are quiet.

Make sure your bike is roadworthy, with good brakes, well oiled, and tyres pumped up rock solid.

Always wear a crash helmet and high visibility clothing.


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