Saving On Food

Do Not Waste Food

Amazingly, the UK imports 1/3rd of its food, and also wastes 1/3rd of its food.

This is unnecessary and illogical.

So: serve up the amount of food that is going to be eaten (hungry kids can always be given second helpings).
Cook only as much food as will get eaten.
Save all leftover bits of food.
Get hold of a cookbook that has leftover recipes.

Do not throw away water in which food has been cooked, as it has valuable nutrients. Store in an old jar in the fridge, and use it next time you are boiling food.

You should have a compost heap if possible to process any food that is really past eating.

Eat Less Meat

It is not necessary to have expensive meat at every meal. Vegetarian meals are delicious and satisfying. The secret is in the sauces they come in. Learn how to create tasty sauces.

Meat also requires far more land to grow, so by eating less meat you are helping the environment.

If there is a river near you, consider getting it stocked with fish and go catch them. See Campaigning.

Drink Sensibly

Kids do not need coloured sugar or aspartame flavoured water. Pure tap water is better for them. Even expensive fruit juices, although high in vitamins, can damage teeth. Also, water does not get sticky and smelly if it is spilled.

Start from Scratch

Food companies do not process food for purposes of charity. They "add value" to their products to boost their profits. Therefore avoid food that comes in packaging as much as possible. Always start a meal with the basic raw ingredients.

Stews are easy, quick, warming, and no nutrients are lost into the water.

Get a cheap meals cookbook.

Grow Your Own

Anyone can grow a bit of food, even if it is only tomatoes in a window box or a grow bag.
It does take a lot of careful work to grow vegetables, and is not that cheap at first if you have to buy tools and equipment, but the process is satisfying and good for your health by providing exercise.

Take the Free Food on Offer

Supermarkets throw away vast amounts of good food just because it is past its sell-by date. This is available on supermarket premises, and with a bit of research you may be able to identify a great source of free food.


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