One of the advantages of having work is that our week and time is structured. Even though we may feel resentful of having to get up and go to work, when we do not have to do work there is an opposite feeling which the French call anomie - a feeling of drifting, of being useless, of not knowing what to do next. Our life may seem a pointless round of just getting up and waiting for bedtime. We may know we have things to do, but they never seem to get done; they just get put off until tomorrow.

This listlessness can be offset by creativity.

The simplest and most basic is to start by doing the washing up and tidying. That gets your mind into active tidying mode, and the momentum from this will carry you on to doing other work.

If you are into woodwork, many find that it is an amazing way of forgetting the stay-at-home blues. Likewise working in the garden. You may feel too miserable to have the energy to get started, but once you get pottering, you will find that you gain energy.

Here is a very good way of getting things done: You have a list of things to do, but there are so many that you get a block about it. Well, each night before going to bed, clear a space on your desk, and write just one item from your master list on a piece of paper and put it on the desk. During the night, your dreaming mind will think
"What are we going to do tomorrow? I know - That".
And next day you will find that you just naturally drift into doing that item. You may find also that it leads on to doing other stuff from the list too.

Creativity is an important human characteristic. All true work can be seen as a way of increasing the level of order in the world around us.


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