There is an awful lot wrong with the world, not least in the level of unemployment.

Green Wage Subsidy

Unemployment is damaging to the health of the individual and of society. It is also unnecessary.

There is a vast amount of work that needs to be done in healing society and environment.
At the same time there is a vast amount of fit young (and old) people who are unable to get work because of the recession.

This is irrational and wasteful.

Take a look at the Green Wage Subsidy plan:
This enables people to get in to work, using their benefit money to boost the green sector of the economy, providing good work that improves society and environment.

By pressing your MP to take this up, you can benefit not just yourself but the whole of society.

People tend to think that campaigning is a waste of time. Yet if everyone who thinks like that actually took up the struggle, we would change the world.


Another way to work creatively in the community is to set up or join a Local Exchange and Trading Scheme (LETS). Here's the link

Also called a Time Bank, it is an improved form of barter, a money-less economy that swaps time and skills around the community.


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