Budgeting is simple.
1 Get a sheet of paper and a pencil
2 Write INCOMING at the top, draw a vertical line, and then OUTGOING
3 Write your income under the first, and your expenses under the other. This may take a couple of days to collect receipts &c.
4 At this stage you may feel a bit worried. Fear not. The figures can be balanced, but it will take time.

There is a page Writing a Budget here. There's nothing on it yet, because I'm not much good at budgets, but someone will know how to go about it.


Living on low income does not mean a life of misery.

There are many exceedingly enjoyable things can come free of charge, ranging from going to bed with your loved one to having friends around to dinner.

If your music centre is broken and you can't afford to get it fixed, dig out that old musical istrument and start practicing it. Far more saitisfying.

It is possible to do expensive things once in a while, and they tend to be more enjoyable because of the process of saving up and planning.

The whole thing is to put money aside for these expensive pleasures, and to put them on the calendar so that you have something to look forward to.

However, there are many things that we buy regularly that are really unnecessary.

This is clearly a waste of money and a waste of life and health both. A smoker typically spends £500 or more a year on fags. Can you afford this? No. Is it difficult to give up? Yes. But in the UK, if you really want to give up, you have only to make an appointment with your practice nurse, and you are £500 a year better off.

First sit down and work out how much you spend on booze every year.
When you have recovered from the shock, set a budget aside for your booze and stick to it.
Consolation: the more you drink, the more drink it takes to get you merry, because your body develops a tolerance towards it. So by cutting down you will get just as merry on less money.

Work out how much your newspaper costs per year. A quality newspaper costing £1 a day could set you back £300 a year.
A tabloid costing 20p could amount to £60 a year.
Considering that most of them peddle misinformation, this is a waste of money.
4/5 ths of UK newspapers are right wing organs of propaganda that massage public opinion in a way that would make Goebbels green with envy.
Just say no. You can get your news cost-free from radio, TV and the web.


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